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4HMT-KENYA Project


The 4-H Million Trees Project has partnered with Trees for the Future (TREES) and the Wide Rescue Initiative Organization (WIRIO) to support tree nursery projects in rural villages in southwestern Kenya. The effort started with a pilot project consists of 10,000-seed nurseries in ten villages. Thanks to the expertise of Dickson Omandi, the 4HMT-KENYA Country Coordinator, and the villagers who care for the trees, the plants are thriving and have already been planted in the ground.

The next step is to find adequate funding to bring additional villages into the project. 4HMT-KENYA is a service-learning project, and the National Wildlife Federation has contributed its excellent “Trees for the 21st Century” curricula so the youth in the villages can learn about the importance of trees, both from Dickson, and from their school teachers. The youth also participate in the project by planting seeds, and caring for the plants. These kids also help plant the trees and can be proud as they watch them grow strong.

Paulino Damiano of TREES has selected a variety of super-trees for this project. They can provide food, shelter, building materials, habitat for animals, medicines, fodder, nectar, nitrogen fixing, and much more. Please learn more about:

The pilot project was very successful, with thousands of kids involved planting tens of thousands of trees. 4HMT youth project members are working hard to raise grant funding to extend 4HMT-KENYA. It is critical to plant more trees in Kenya because over 98% of the forest has been cut, primarily for cooking fuel. Loss of forest leads to soil loss, and desertification. We want these trees to continue to grow for many years to help slow global climate change. Therefore we hope to introduce solar cookers into the villages so the trees are not harvested for cooking.

4HMT-KENYA shares many of the goals of the famous Green Belt Movement founded by Nobel Prize winner Wangari Maathai. The kids in these villages can feel proud to follow in her footsteps and do their part to help conserve their environment.

Below are two videos showing the work being done by the KENYA-4HMT Project.